Lead Paint Risk Assessment

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An onsite investigation of a residential dwelling to discover any lead-based paint hazards. Lead-based paint hazards are conditions that will cause adverse health effect.  Lead risk assessments include an investigation of the age, history, management, and maintenance of the dwelling, and the number of children under age 6 and women of childbearing age who are residents; a visual assessment; limited environmental sampling (i.e., collection of dust wipe samples, soil samples, and deteriorated paint samples); and preparation of a report identifying acceptable abatement and interim control strategies based on specific conditions.

EPA has the authority to define the hazard levels but HUD has a policy that sets lower values to some of the hazard levels.

Settled Dust – EPA


Floors – 40 µg/ft2

Floors – 10 µg/ft2

Play/high contact – 400 ppm

1.0 mg/cm2

Window Sills – 250 µg/ft2 Window Sills – 100 µg/ft2 Dripline/yard – 1,200 ppm