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Lead Recalls & Holiday Shopping

I’m happy to say that the number of recalls due to lead based paint/lead coatings is significantly reduced from a few years ago when there was a toy scare from imports from China.  The bad news is it’s reduced but not eliminated.  I know with Christmas on the way and Black Friday just around the corner, people have holiday shopping on their minds.  Here’s a few things to be leery of, in regards to lead based paint and lead based coatings, when doing your Christmas shopping:

  1. Older toys – some of those toys from 2008 are still floating around.  Not to mention that heirloom toy you get from Grandma & Grandpa.  It might be best kept as an heirloom on a shelf, rather than a toy children actually play with.
  2. Children’s furniture (indoor or outdoor) – this was the most recent recall I saw regarding Lead based paint / lead coatings.
  3. Children’s jewelry and play make-up – these are not necessarily regulated the same way children’s toys are.
  4. Children’s painted clothes – this was another recent recall I saw.
  5. Lead in Christmas lights – This week (after Thanksgiving) is the time everyone is setting up their holiday lights, and many aren’t aware of the potential lead hazards. Here are three links to articles about lead in Christmas lights, in case you were not aware of the issue. (article 1article 2article 3 )
  6. Glazed ceramics from foreign countries – I was astonished when a few years back I bought a licensed cartoon mug from a respected to store only to find out the glazes were lead.  The mug was made in Thailand.  I happen to have an XRF handy for testing, but most people don’t have that privilege.  I now use it as an example in the lead training classes we teach.

It’s a good idea to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website before hitting the shops this holiday season.

Here’s their website:
Get certified! Check out our training schedule and sign up for a class today.

Get certified! Check out our training schedule and sign up for a class today.

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