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Confused about abatement vs. RRP?

Confused about abatement vs. RRP?

Lead-based paint inspection, risk assessment and abatement services are regulated differently than renovation, repair and painting jobs, even though, in some cases, the activities are similar.

  • Lead abatement projects are designed to permanently eliminate existing lead-based paint hazards, and may be ordered by a state or local government in response to a lead-poisoned child or other reason. Only trained and certified individuals may perform lead abatement.
  • Renovation, repair and painting (RRP) projects are typically performed at the option of the property owner for aesthetic or other reasons, or as an interim control to minimize lead issues. It is not designed to permanently address lead-based paint. However, RRP projects can disturb lead-based paint in homes and buildings built before 1978 and cause lead hazards, even when none existed before. Therefore, they are also regulated and require certification. If you are seeking information on EPA’s rules requiring lead-safe renovation, repair and painting to prevent lead hazards see EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Program page.

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